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  • 6 July 2008 - ODM Service Software 1.11 has been released.

    What's new:

    - WORLD FIRST: Full support for W360:
    + Unlock
    + EEPROM read/write
    + EEPROM repair
    + Format FFS
    + Flash read/write
    - W161, W181, W270 were added to the supported models list (although they were already supported before!)

  • 6 May 2008 - MSS Service Software 1.24 has been released.

    What's new:

    - Added support for new CDMA phones (ESN repair / SPC read / User&Security; codes read) :
    Moto V9m, Z6m, Ve (V6 MAXX), K1m/V3m/L7c with firmware 24.2.xx.xx.xx

    - World exclusive: Repair/Flash for W490/W510 phones with 0085/00CA error
    - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation

  • 4 May 2008 - ODM Service Software 1.10 has been released.

    What's new:

    - Added full support for W156,W160,W175,W180,W230:
    + Unlock
    + EEPROM read/write
    + EEPROM repair
    + Format FFS
    + Flash read/write

    - Fixed Format FMGR function
    - Added detection for dead i-mode phones
    - German language updated

  • 8 April 2008 - MSS Service Software 1.23 has been released.

    What's new:

    - Added support for multiple connected boxes on one PC. Now you can connect all your MSS boxes to one computer
    - Added support for CDMA phones (Flash / ESN repair / SPC read / User&Security; codes read) :
    Moto C305, C364, V710, A840, K1m, V3c, V3m, L7c, E815, E816, V260, V262, V265, V266, V267, V276, V323, V323i, V325, V325i
    - Added U3 unlock
    - Added unlock support for V3re boot 0C.F4
    - Added unlock support for K1s boot (0D.C0 & 0D.C1) (beta test)
    - Added unlock support for V9 boot (05.80)
    - Added dump support for V9/V9m (R263313/R263313M/R263313-AS/R263313M-AS)
    - Added PDS repair for R4444HL1, R3721
    - Now phones in "USB printing mode" are automatically detected in MSS
    - Fixed E375 (R3721) booting problem
    - A1200/E2/E6 IMEI repair procedure improved
    - Indonesian localization added
    - German localization updated

  • 7 February 2008 - Important information:

    We would like to pay your attention on the fact, that despite some announcements on another sites asserting they have the only working IMEI repair solution for A1200, E2 & E6, MSS Service Software has full support for IMEI repair on this models, and unlike other solutions, no testpoint required for most bootloader versions.

  • 4 February 2008 - MSS Service Software 1.22 has been released.

    What's new:

    - World first: added W5 (R452GL8) unlocking
    - World first: added W5 (R452GL8) PDS repair
    - Added V3re PDS repair
    - Fixed V3re unlocking
    - Fixed W510 unlocking
    - Added new option "Flash flex area only" & "Skip flex area flashing"
    - Added option to flash original flash files via special loader with auto-PDS-repair feature
    - Added support for C350L R312LTS phones
    - Added dump support for U3 (R4441L5)
    - Added dump support for V9 (R263311, R263311M, R263313, R263313M)
    - Added PDS repair for V560 (R37A)
    - Added PDS repair for R4478
    - Added PDS repair for V400p (R3621)
    - Added PDS repair for E1070 (R25227LD)
    - Added PDS repair for R3516 (V195s)
    - Added PDS auto-backup during unlocking process
    - Added support for R373 (E1) bootloader 0A.20
    - Added "flashing" message on Linux phones
    - Added notification to use original non-powered cable for argon unlocking
    - Backup file made during unlocking process will not be deleted on software startup anymore
    - Fixed: R3443U1 PDS templated
    - Fixed: L9 boot 0C.70 support
    - Fixed: flex dump may not save flex name correctly
    - Updated Spanish interface translation
    - Updated German interface translation
    - Added Chinese interface translation
    - Added Turkish interface translation
    - Small interface fixes & improvements
    - Latest version check improved to comply with proxy servers

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