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P2K ESN Repairer for V60t color, C331T phones


  • P2K ESN Repairer for V60t color, C331T phones.

Key features:

  • Repair (change) ESN in V60t color / C331T Motorola phones

Tested on the following models:

  • TDMA: V60t COLOR, C331T

The package include:

  • 1. Dongle - 1 pcs
  • 2. USB Cable - 1 pcs
  • 3. Access to the support zone - 1 pcs

      Pricing information:

      • ESN Repairer V60T COLOR & C331T MULTI-TDMA - 500$ with free DHL
      • ESN Repairer V60T COLOR - 400$ with free DHL
      • ESN Repairer C331T - 400$ with free DHL
    • Email sales@victorgsm.net to order now!

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